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Bespoke energy management measures for fleet

Virginia International Logistics

Virginia International Logistics is a privately owned Transport and Logistics Company based in Virginia, Co. Cavan and Ballycoolin, Dublin, Ireland. Over the last 30 years, the fleet has grown to over 80 articulated trucks and 300 trailers, employing over 135 people.


Project description

Help to form, train and mentor an energy team to deliver measurable energy savings in L/100km across the fleet.


Funding was discussed and agreed with Enprova to incentivise savings, as Virginia would be the first haulier in Ireland to avail of Energy Saving Credits: Virginia paid all supplier costs.


The impact of this project to date can be clearly seen in the graph right and amounts to over 200,000L of fuel or 2.8GWh in primary energy savings (536 tonne CO2e).

Virginia’s Jon Goodaker, Transport & Operations Manager comments:

“At the outset, we were given solid advice and guidance by Authentic to gain a clear understanding of what was needed to produce meaningful cost savings. This project is the cornerstone of our environmental policy into 2013, the results achieved in the first 3 months were most encouraging in both reducing our carbon footprint and in savings within our fuel budget, we firmly believe this is just the start of the process. Further savings as a result of this project coupled with the use of new technology are expected in 2013. This project has highlighted and confirmed that correct driver management is essential in obtaining the desired results.”

Supplier Partner

Enprova partners with trusted, local, established, independent consultants, trainers and suppliers from communities all over Ireland. Virginia International Logistics partner: www.authentic.ie.