Did you know? More efficient heating system water pumps can save up to 12.5% on electricty

Donegal County Council carried out a decentralisation project in the mid 2000’s to provide (new-built) one- stop shops housing council services.

Donegal County Council

 Donegal County Council

They include Social Housing, Community & Enterprise administration and other community services including Citizens Information Centre CIC, Money Advise and Budgeting Service, Disability Services to name but a few. The buildings are in constant use by community and interest groups and act as a focal point for community development, meetings, project development and funding, information resources and advice.

These buildings range from about 1760 m2 to 4400 m2 While for the most part these public service centres (PSCs) have relatively modern heating control, functioning was not satisfactory and measures were planned to bring the heating controls and BMS up to standard and provide a more user friendly interface so that building supervisors can easily manage the heating (12.5% thermal saving).

In addition, lighting upgrades were embarked upon where required and upgrading water pumps such as upgrading of a booster pump at Crievesmith to a more energy efficient model – (12.5% electricity saving) and the upgrading of water piping at Umlagh and Mullagheep which will remove the need for the current booster pumps – i.e. the energy use after the upgrade will be completely removed as the main systems are gravity fed (100% electricity saving).

Further projects were undertaken across:

  • St. Fiachra’s Centre for Education
  • Finn Valley Centre for Education
  • Sessiaghoneill NS
  • St Colmcille’s Hostel (St Vincent De Paul)

There is no doubt that all these works carried out will be an advantage to all those people who use these buildings on a daily basis, for the public in general and also for some of the most vulnerable in society such as the unemployed, homeless and school children, who will all reap the rewards for years to come.


SEAI grants were awarded across these community schemes, and thanks to Enprova all works were completed at minimal cost to community project partners.

Total annual energy savings were:

Annual Electrical Savings – 143,000 kWh

Annual Thermal Savings – 227,000 kWh

Total – 370,000kWh